William + Rebecca

  There are cute couples, and there are sweet ones too but sometimes in your life, you come across couples that transcend cuteness and land squarely in the realm of “otherworldly”. That’s the perfect description of William and Rebecca.

Rebecca and I met at Texas Tech University and bonded over our shared love for Doctor Who, Supernatural and Shakespeare (English majors unite!) We clicked as friends and I cannot stand the thought of not having met her. she is one of the most passionate persons I’ve ever known and Will balances that perfectly, he’s just as passionate but his reservation quietly fuels Rebecca’s zest for life. These two are a powerhouse together, and their love for one another shines like nothing else.

Their decision to elope was based on the fact that William is in the Navy and is getting ready to be stationed; they had gotten engaged and are planning a wickedly awesome wedding later this year, but with Will’s deployment – the idea of being separated for even longer was something they didn’t want to experience more than they had to. When Rebecca called me to say they were eloping I literally cheered, I totally understood! Eloping gave them the chance to not only legally be married and make the Navy easier to work with, but it gave them a chance to start their married life together and on their own terms. Couples who place such a high value on their marriage are ones I connect with best and William and Rebecca are on point.

Their elopement was short, sweet (and run by one the chillest Judges I’ve ever sat in front of before – he was awesome!) and most of all – IT WAS COLD. The biting cold winds of Lubbock, Texas were out in full force but that didn’t put them off one bit, the scene was set by their love and I am so honoured to have captured it. Enjoy these two, they’re the best! Congratulations to you both on your marriage!

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