William + Rebecca

William and Rebecca are some of the funniest, happiest and most down to earth people I know. They live their lives intensely and have so much love for each other. Over the Christmas holiday we did their engagement session and their elopement in the same week! Since William is in the Navy, they decided to elope and I could not be happier for them (their elopement is coming to the blog next week) but for their engagement session, we traveled out to a nature preserve that Rebecca’s mother helped to establish. Rebecca has fond memories of playing here as a child and I just love the backdrop it gave us, it was so so cold but oh so perfect.

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Julie Wilmes Photography 2015-02-19_0001 2015-02-19_0003 2015-02-19_0004 2015-02-19_0005 2015-02-19_0006 2015-02-19_0007 2015-02-19_0008 2015-02-19_0009 2015-02-19_0010 2015-02-19_0011 2015-02-19_0012 Julie Wilmes Photography 2015-02-19_0014 2015-02-19_0015 2015-02-19_0016 2015-02-19_0017 2015-02-19_0018 2015-02-19_0019 2015-02-19_0020 2015-02-19_0021 2015-02-19_0022 2015-02-19_0023 2015-02-19_0024  2015-02-19_0026 2015-02-19_00252015-02-19_0027

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