Kendall is a lovely young woman who has her own photography business here in Dallas, Texas. She has a heart for Jesus, helping others and enjoying life to the fullest. We met for her headshot session on a chilly Friday afternoon and we had the best time walking around the Dallas Art Museum (well she walked, I hobbled because of my knee injury – she was so patient with me, for which I’m thankful)!

I cannot wait to see her business grow more and I am so honoured to call her a friend!

(PS – There’s also a fun surprise at the end of the post! I have always wanted to do something like this in a blog post, and I plan on doing it again!)

2015-02-19_0029    2015-02-19_00342015-02-19_0033 2015-02-19_00302015-02-19_00322015-02-19_00312015-02-19_0035 2015-02-19_00362015-02-19_0037  2015-02-19_00392015-02-19_00382015-02-19_0040  2015-02-19_00422015-02-19_0041  2015-02-19_0043 2015-02-19_00482015-02-19_00462015-02-19_0044 2015-02-19_00452015-02-19_0047

Bonus GIF of Kendall making fun faces and poses! Isn’t it just fun to watch?! I definitely want to do something like this again on other sessions, I’m glad it worked out!


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