UNITED – My Time in California


This time last year, I was coming off my UNITED high – it was one of the greatest times in my life! I made some incredible friends and had a wild year in my business. So as soon as the chance to sign up for UNITED 2014 came around, I was all in 🙂

A major goal I had for 2014 was to lead a shoot and speak at UNITED, both of which I got to do and it was one of the most incredible, nerve-wracking and awesome experiences ever! I’m gonna write more about my talk next week but for today, I wanted to show the results of my shoot that I lead which was titled “Easy Yet Emotional Posing.” We focused on using simple poses and verbal cues for your clients to give true emotional reactions during the shoot. Most photographers tell me that they have the hardest time with posing and I totally get it! I have about 15 poses that I use and throughout the shoot, I constantly am talking, playing and setting a calm mood with my clients so that they are having fun and are more likely to give me the reactions that I want for their session.

The shoot was a blast and although I didn’t take many images (I was busy running around and helping everyone who attended) I did have a few that I wanted to show off. Next week I’ll feature a few of the attendees photos!


Models and Vendors

Heather Lukiart & Bernie Baggs
Sara Barrett & Chris Barrett
Jessica Campbell
Jennefer Wilson

Heather and Jessica’s Hair – Taylor DeZevala
Sara’s Hair – Julie Wilmes
Jennefer’s Hair – herself

Heather’s Makeup – Page Berse
Sara’s Makeup – Julie Wilmes
Jessica’s Makeup – Marla Nyamdorj of Unveiled Hair and Makeup
Jennefer’s Makeup – herself

Bridal Bouquet and Florals – Rincon Floral

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