Imani, Leah and Jayce | Dallas Family Photographer


My nieces and nephew have grown so much! It isn’t very often that I can take photos of them so when their mother asked me to grab a few for her this past Christmas, I jumped at the chance. We had a great time hanging out and I got to see their personalities shine, not just in their photos but in spending time with them. They aren’t the toddlers and babies I recall babysitting when I was a teenager anymore, they’re almost teenagers themselves! Talk about feeling old.

Jayce, is 9 and is the biggest cheeseball I’ve met in quite a while. He’s a blast to be around! Leah, is 10 and she’s a quiet calm soul who takes in the world around her, her humour is unassuming, but when she gets to talking it’s hard to keep her down! And Imani, who is 12 is a stunning young woman. She’s grown into a young lady before my eyes and I am so stoked to see her get into junior high and begin her life, she’s so intelligent and has plans to succeed in school. How can an aunt not be proud?!


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