Marshall + Breanna | The Flour Mill – McKinney, Texas


Marshall and Breanna are one of those couples that makes you sigh with happiness when you observe them. Your breath is taken away as you realize that their love is so present, just as they strive to be present with each other as much as they can. They share a deep love for the Lord, family and each other.  Which created one of the most stunning, emotional and lively weddings that I’ve ever photographed. Marshall and Breanna were truly created for one another and when their wedding at The Flour Mill in McKinney, Texas arrived on a brisk January Saturday, there was nothing but a calm excitement in the air. The way that Marshall loves Breanna is steadfast but gentle, and Breanna loves Marshall with a fierce, shining loyalty that commands any eye in the room. Their wedding was stunning and I can’t thank them, their families and their friends enough for having us there to capture it.


Thanks again as always to Joel Allegretto for rockin this wedding with me! He’s a godsend!
Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Flour Mill
Wedding Coordinator: Andrea Johnson of Bliss Events and The Flour Mill
Cake: Stein’s Bakery
Catering: Abuelo’s
DJ: Chris Brown

  1. Elsie Rogers says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!!!

  2. Lisa Jump says:

    These images are absolutely beautiful, Julie!! Every single one.

  3. Xiomara Gard says:

    I love this love story- and the way in which you write to really make the reader feel the love and emotion of the day. Amazing all around Julie!!

  4. Gabrielle von Heyking says:

    Beautiful images and I also loved how you talked about their love for each other!

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