Savannah + Walker | Fort Worth Engagement Photographer


A young, sweet and strong love. Something that comes along once in a lifetime and for Savannah and Walker – it came at the perfect moment. Starting their lives together so early may seem scary to some people, but for Savannah and Walker it’s an adventure they can’t wait to take. Normally I would go on for a little bit more but Savannah had the perfect words, written on her blog just hours after our session and I wanted to pull from them to show the deep and committed love these two have for each other. I am so excited for their wedding in September!

In Savannah’s words (because really, they are more important than anything I could ever say) ūüôā
“Whenever we got engaged I looked at everything in a more serious light. At first I would be afraid when we would argue because¬†oh my goodness what if it’s like this forever?!¬†But at the same time when things would be awesome it’s¬†I can’t wait to have this forever!¬†Forever. That’s what changes it. The idea of marrying Walker and being with him forever was always a thought and hope, and when it became real I over analyzed every little thing because, that my friends is what I do best.¬†I think now I’m to this point in the engagement that my hope for us is huge. One perk is us being so young, but in general there is so much confidence in our future together. The bad things have time to change, and we no longer have to feel like we’re changing them all by ourselves. The good things¬†will¬†be there forever, and we’ll have even more as the years go by.”



Our session was photographed at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas – credit for Savannah’s opinion came from her blog. All shots were taken
on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50 1.2L, 135 F2L and 28 1.8 lens.

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