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I would love to answer a quick question today regarding custom Facebook tabs (which you can see over here on my Facebook Business Page.

For anyone who uses Facebook as their main marketing source, it can be hard to make it personal because Facebook dictates that your business page look a certain way. That’s where these custom Facebook tabs come in handy because you can customize the look of your Facebook and link it to important items, plus with the custom tabs it helps create an awesome look for your business (which sets you apart from the beginning).

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.08.28 AM

So exactly how do you create a custom Facebook tab? Start by following these directions;

In the Facebook search bar, type in:
[Static HTML Iframe Tab by Woobox]

[Install the app onto the page you wish to have custom tabs, (for me I chose my Photography page)]
[Choose how you want to link your information, (I chose Pagesource: and I used redirect, the I pasted the links.)]
[Give your tab a name (Blog, Instagram, etc)]
[Add a custom photo (must be sized at 111 x 74 pixels)]
[Save your settings!]

Now keep in mind that when you are logged in on Facebook and click on your tab it will ask if you want to redirect to the link, say yes and it will work. For those people who click and are not you, it will take them directly to the link you’ve set. It’s only asking because you are the page admin. (I freaked out so much when it did that but I checked with a friend and it worked just fine for her).
Also, on the Pagesource option – I chose it because page source, then choosing redirect┬ámakes it automatically go to the link versus Facebook holding my link it’s in browser. If someone is choosing to click to go to my blog, I want them to go directly there and see it fully, not see a version that Facebook chose to have in it’s browser. Again, it’s about making Facebook work for you not the other way around!

Please comment below with ANY questions or feel free to email me at julie (at) juliewilmes (dot) com.

Happy Facebooking!


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