Korbey + Jerran | Midland, Texas Wedding

Korbey and Jerran are the type of couple that you meet and immediately are overcome with their love for one another. They are in perfect sync together and have created a beautiful live as one.

Their wedding was one of the most beautiful events I ever participated in, and I am so excited to show their hard work and love off. Their wedding was touched with tons of personal details and stunning DIY work, Jerran’s father officiated the ceremony and there were plenty of tears to go around as they made their vows to each other. It was a lovely and intimate ceremony, thanks again for including me! It was truly an honor.


Venue: The Kesslers
Photography: Julie Wilmes Photography
Dress: Vera Wang
Bridesmaid outfit: JJ House
Groom’s outfit: Men’s Warehouse
Details, Catering & Florals: Stanton Weddings
Hair & Makeup: Insparations/Bride
Cake: Tony’s Bakery
Music: MoTown Band

  1. Jerran Neifing says:

    Ahhh!!!!! This is so exciting!!!! I love it!

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