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Sometimes in life, hard choices are made. Relationships end and from the ashes of those relationships, new love can arise. Chaz and Christine are one of those stories. Their Midland Texas Engagement Photos are something of a magical fairytale, you’d never known that we shot these in Midland! I photographed Chaz’s sister’s wedding (Jerran and Korbey)  last August and I remembering watching him and thinking as he danced with his daughter (the flower girl, named Landry – she’s the cutest!)  that he was an amazing father and I hoped that he would find the perfect woman, one who completed him in every way. Christine could not have fit that wish more perfectly.

Spending the afternoon with them showed me of how deep and real true love can run, because when Chaz looks at Christine, his eyes lit up with a fire that only someone as beautiful and lovely as Christine could deserve. Christine told me several times that she was so lucky to have met him, that she couldn’t believe that they found each other. After all, finding your soulmate isn’t always that easy and journey isn’t always fun but it’s so perfect when it all comes together. Several times throughout our session I had to stop and just admire the love they have for each other, for the family they are creating and just how grateful they are to be together.

Because when you know who the love of your life is, you run to it and never let go.

Their wedding at the end of the month is going to be the sweetest example of love, commitment and thankfulness and I cannot wait to have the chance to show you all just how beautiful their marriage is going to be (although these engagement photos do a pretty darn good job already.)

chazchristina-juliewilmes_0001 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0002 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0003 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0004 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0005 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0006 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0007 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0008 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0009 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0010 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0011 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0012 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0014 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0015 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0016 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0018 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0019 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0020 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0021 chazchristina-juliewilmes_0022

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Gear used at this wedding
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