A Letter to My Wife on Her 26th Birthday

Hey everyone, this is Dustin and I decided to steal Julie’s blog today because it’s her 26th birthday and I’m not letting her work. I wrote her a letter last night after getting home from seeing X-Men, she constantly says that having a birthday that always falls around Memorial Day is great because there’s a summer blockbuster movie that comes out right around her birthday and she’s a major comic book movie fan. So this is to my lovely, spontaneous and amazing wife as we celebrate another birthday…

Dear Julie,

It’s here! Your 26th birthday, or how you have termed it for the last several years, it’s your “Golden Birthday.” While you have had many bumps along the road, the term “golden” is an apt description of your life. While I have seen so much in my life, I have truly never come across a person like you.

You have the most vibrant personality of anyone I have ever met, outshining all who come across your path. Your passion for life is intoxicating to everyone you meet, most of all to me. You fill so many people with not only joy, but wonder at how many amazing stories and dreams could be fulfilled by one person. Most people cannot believe that some of your exploits could have actually happen, but I (and your friends), can attest that every word of your extraordinary life is true. 

I truly believe that you are a blessing, you inspire greatness in others not only with the tales you tell but with your generous and all encompassing attitude towards the people who are drawn to you. I have seen how you care for total strangers and the compassion you show to them with my own eyes, and believe me, it is a sight to see when you put all of your own work aside to dive into the problems and lives of your friends and the care of others. You do not rest until you can send them on their way with a helpful attitude and a concise plan of action to action to tackle the troubles that lie before them. Your love for life is something that I love sharing in because it lifts me up to see how happy the smallest things make you. You smile at everything and I cannot get enough of it and I am so happy that you exist, that God led me to you and that we get to share this life together. 

I am truly a lucky and blessed man to have you in my life and that I get to call you my wife. I can say, without a doubt that the moments in which I felt the most pride and the greatest amounts of happiness are when I hear others speak of you and when I have the chance to talk about you. Julie, you are the greatest inspiration in my life, and you deserve all of the success that you have earned. You are my best friend and my greatest love and I cannot wish you any happier of a birthday than the one you are about to experience.

I love you so much and I hope that today is as wonderful as you have been dreaming of, as Golden as it can be.

Happy birthday, my love.



I took this image of Julie yesterday while she was prepping her blog post for Photography Awesomesauce and I wanted to post both the version I took and the one she posted on PA – as you can see, she LOVES her birthday. It’s one of my favorite things about her.

The version I took:2014-05-26_0001

Her version that went up on Photography Awesomesauce this morning (it’s just fitting)


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