Andrew + Sarah | Lanier Theological Society Wedding

Andrew and Sarah’s Lanier Theological Society Wedding in Houston, Texas was nothing short of absolute perfection! When Bethany Carlson asked me to join her on a hot August day for their wedding I was so excited I could barely stand it and I was not disappointed in the least bit. Nestled deep in the fields in Houston is the Lanier Theological Society, a haven for those who wish to study religious theology and witness a piece of history in the making. The Library and Temple are made from bricks from Jerusalem and there is a aptly placed TARDIS on the property (of which I was not aware and I almost fainted from shock when I saw it, it was only a tad bit embarrassing) and the whole area where the wedding occurred looks like it came straight from old world Italy.

Andrew and Sarah have the most amazing style, complete with their love of music and their friends and family. Andrew made a show of dancing and playing his banjo while waiting to see Sarah (who was wearing one of my favorite wedding dresses that I’ve ever seen) she’s the calm and sweet answer to Andrew’s infectious charm. Their wedding party was ready to party and enjoy each other’s company, I felt like I was family with how wonderfully they treated Bethany, Kira (Bethany’s bestie and assistant for the day) and me. Their wedding was a true celebration of their love and I was happy to witness it.

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Gear used at this wedding
Canon EOS 5D Mark IIICanon 50 f/1.2 LCanon 135 f/2LMy Camera Bag
Bethany’s post for Andrew + Sarah’s wedding is here, thanks again for having me Bethany!

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