CoSchedule! A Blogger’s Best Scheduling Friend!

Y’all. We have got to talk for a minute about organization systems and ways to make life easier. I’m always looking for the thing that is gonna help my business and although I plan on talking about a few different ones over the next few weeks, today I wanted to talk about CoSchedule.

CoSchedule helps to give you a calendar specifically for planning your blog schedule out. You can link up social media accounts and blast out to them at once versus having to go in and individually add them in to each social media site. I’m getting ready to ramp my blogging schedule up to FIVE days a week (aaaahhhhh!) and I think CoSchedule will really help with keeping my blogging life organized. I hate the feeling of setting into bed just to remember that I didn’t write the blog for the next day and not having any idea of what to write.

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There is a wizard that walks you through setting up your posts and it links into your blog in order to create drafts that are just waiting and ready for you to add your text and photos and then launch them whenever you’re ready. CoSchedule doesn’t bog down your plugin library because it sits in it’s own web page so you don’t have to worry about it messing with your existing blog. Having too many plugins can really slow down your site so this is a relief knowing that CoSchedule won’t make my blog slower.

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It’s super easy to add a post and to schedule your social media blasts with it! I can easily set up my Facebook posts (as well as many other social media profiles but I’m just using Facebook as the example for now) and I can make sure that they are in a consistent method for posting. I do a photo post with the link in the image caption versus posting the link and allowing Facebook to pull an image from my post because it gets more views this way.

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I was using my Google Calendar but I found that it was taking up so much space in my calendar and I like how easy this is to adjust and I don’t risk messing up my other calendar (which as you can see is super unorganized as it is). If you like to have your calendar completely up to date (like I do) then you’ll love that CoSchedule can hook directly into your Google Calendar and keep updated for you to see on all of your devices!

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There is a free trial that lasts for 14 days and then it’s $10 a month to use the calendar but I feel that is worth it, I really love CoSchedule and the support team is incredible! Feel free to use my referral code and try it out! I hope you love it as much as I do and find it to be super useful for your blogging schedule.

  1. Thank you for the great review Julie! I am so glad you are enjoying CoSchedule and that it is saving you time. Keep it up, and thank you for sharing us with your audience!

  2. Lexi Green says:

    My goodness, this looks so fantastic!!! Hooray for resources. Thank you for the triall code and the review. I will definitely be sharing with friends, this is amazing for photogs and bloggers everywhere!

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