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The hectic schedule of a wedding day can be a nightmare for many couples but I love when you see a couple slow down to enjoy their day. Bobby and Rachel had one stunning Brookhaven Country Club wedding in Farmers Branch, Texas on a windy yet beautiful Saturday afternoon. I am so grateful that Jennefer Wilson asked […]

Bobby + Rachel | Brookhaven Country Club Wedding

April 30, 2014

Jon and Rachel come straight out of a Disney Fairytale, their love is so evident and so so so kind. I’m so happy that Jennefer Wilson asked me to join her for it! I’ve never seen a groom more in love with his bride and she simply glowed when her husband held her hand. Their […]

Jon + Rachel | Villa Di Felicita Wedding

April 23, 2014

A freak ice storm. Freezing temperatures. Normally these are situations that send a wedding day into chaos but Matthew and Phylicia handled everything with grace and humor. They decided to face the weather head on and had one amazing celebration of their love with their friends and family in attendance. Their wedding at Off the Grid […]

Matthew + Phylicia | Off the Grid Wedding

March 25, 2014

Marshall and Breanna are one of those couples that makes you sigh with happiness when you observe them. Your breath is taken away as you realize that their love is so present, just as they strive to be present with each other as much as they can. They share a deep love for the Lord, […]

Marshall + Breanna | The Flour Mill – McKinney, Texas

March 10, 2014

There aren’t enough nice things to say about Kelly and Jeff. They’re sweet, compassionate, funny and so totally in love. I have been so happy during my time with them over these last few months, and I’m proud to consider them friends now. I was really excited for their wedding day because Kelly told me […]

Kelly + Jeff | Plano Wedding Photographer

November 26, 2013

Rusty and Crystal’s Shack in the Back Wedding in Midland, Texas was a fun party that celebrated the love that these two have for each other. They were together for ten years before they got married so their wedding was something that everyone was happy to see happen and I enjoyed the fact that Crystal […]

Rusty + Crystal | A Shack in the Back Wedding

November 20, 2013

He was a wild-land firefighter from Oregon, she was studying in Santa Monica after growing up in Texas. They met when he moved to California and she liked that he was fiercely protective of forest creatures and that he loved comic books, he liked her infectious smile and her love for her family. They lived […]

Justin + Annie | Oregon City Wedding Photographer

October 24, 2013

Korbey and Jerran are the type of couple that you meet and immediately are overcome with their love for one another. They are in perfect sync together and have created a beautiful live as one. Their wedding was one of the most beautiful events I ever participated in, and I am so excited to show […]

Korbey + Jerran | Midland, Texas Wedding

September 10, 2013

Natalie and Adam’s wedding was an absolute BLAST to be a part of! I had the pleasure of seconding for Jennefer Wilson on a beautiful saturday afternoon – the Perkins Chapel where Natalie and Adam married is a drop dead gorgeous venue, it was seriously stunning! More than that, Natalie and Adam are a great […]

Natalie + Adam | Dallas Wedding Photographer

July 29, 2013