The Greatness That is The Business Binder!

It should come as no surprise that I am a planner. I live for the day when I open a new and empty planner, just ready and waiting to be filled with appointments, reminders and my to-do lists. When my good friend, fellow photographer and business guru Carrie Swails of Photography Awesomesauce told me she was planning an binder that catered to businesses and their needs – I literally squeaked with excitement! And here it is – it’s called The Business Binder and it is an amazing idea if you’re looking to keep all of your information centralized and safe.

Dallas elopement photographer, new york city elopement photographer Julie Wilmes Photography_0041
She sent me one of these babies and it has been such a blessing for me! I’ve got it filled to the brim with papers for plans, calendars and the nitty-gritty of my business. Should something happen to me (prayers that it wont) then Dustin can easily find all of my information to handle my business as needed in here. I have my breakdown for my shooting schedule, my blogging schedule (which I had the best of intentions with but clearly I fell behind on that so let’s pretend that picture is all good and proper :P) and more information for my financial planning.

Dallas elopement photographer, new york city elopement photographer Julie Wilmes Photography_0042Dallas elopement photographer, new york city elopement photographer Julie Wilmes Photography_0043

In my business info, I have all of my accounts (so for privacy reasons, I didn’t photograph that). I’ve also got an breakdown of my client workflow and information sheets, that I copied from my digital files over to the paper version that Carrie provided. This is great for keeping my on schedule for my workflow and if something happens, then it can be known what has or hasn’t been finished yet.

Carrie has a great starter kit available here that will be shipping out soon and you can use any of the pages she provides (some are included, some are free and some are for sell) they are all beautifully crafted and have a solid feel to them (I’m not worried about tearing them out accidentally)!

I seriously love this thing, I have with me all of the time and am constantly adding to it. If you are looking for a great product that can centralize everything for your business – the Business Binder is it!


  1. Shirley Yang says:

    It’s so pretty – if only I had a need for a business binder 🙂

  2. Jessica Diane Morris says:

    There’s one thing on that blog schedule that I cannot wait to see! 😉

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