Jessica | Albuquerque Senior Photographer

Being a Chi Omega is still one of the greatest decisions that I ever made, I was lonely when I moved to Albuquerque and these ladies saved my life. They showed me the meaning of lifelong friendships and it’s something I can never repay. One of the best relationships to come from sorority life, is the one that a big and little share. As my big, Jessica showed me the ropes in Chi Omega, taught me what “pin attire” was and gave me a friend that I could come to for anything. I was so sad when I moved to Lubbock because it meant not seeing my sisters as often as I was used to (I mean I lived with them so it was pretty much 24/7) and it meant that for a while I was on my own. I’m glad to say that I still have these friendships because sisterhood is forever.

Jessica is grace incarnate. She is kind, funny and loving to everyone she meets. She’s graduating from the University of New Mexico’s Dental Hygiene program and I know that she’s going to blow everyone away with her intelligence and ability to perform in any situation. She’s a fiery as the stereotypes say and love to dance, something that makes her a fun time to be around as she can make anyone feel better just by focusing her energy on them. I’m honored to call her my Big, my sister and my friend.


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Gear used in this shoot – Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 50 1.2L, Canon 135 F/2L, My Camera Bag

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