Most Recent Beauty Favorites


┬áToday I wanted to share some of my most recent beauty product favorites. I’ve been using these items pretty extensively and although two of them are a little higher priced, they are worth every penny!

Baby Lips
This is my daily go-to for my “chapstick,” I use it anytime I need a quick fix or if my lips are feeling dry. It’s consistency is a mix between a balm and a gloss, it’s not sticky or tacky – very smooth and it lasts for a quite a while on the lips. You can find it at any given drugstore in the USA and they have many different colors and some that are medicated. I highly recommend it!

HEMPZ Triple Moisturizer Travel Lotion
HEMPZ makes some of the most amazing lotion and it works so well at deeply moisturizing the skin. The giant sizes are close to $23 but I love this travel one because I can carry it in my bag and when I travel. The scent from this one specifically is my favorite but they have many different scents if you’re looking for a different flavor. It’s harder to find in a drugstore, but I got this at ULTA.

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
This concealer is light on the skin, doesn’t leave you oily and does a great job covering any blemishes or under eye circles. I’ve found that it needs a bit of “warming up” to work better on the skin so I tend to pat it then blend it in with my fingers to help cover everything fully. It also lasts for quite a while, which is nice. I purchased this concealer in the light color.

Anastasia Brow Pencil
This pencil is a godsend! I’ve got a small patch on my eyebrow that won’t grow in (thanks to a fun incident in 10th grade and a firecracker, a story for another day) so I rely upon filling in my brows, this pencil looks natural (I’m using the color Soft Brown) and can create many different looks for your brows. It’s more expensive but like I said, it’s worth every penny and it lasts quite well. I’ve found myself filling my brows in in the morning and not having to touch up at all during the day.

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
This works as a primer but I like to wear it by itself (occasionally with BB cream or tinted moisturizer as well,) it helps to make my skin look and feel flawless and absorb oil as well.

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick
This pink color (no. 101) is light and sits well on the lips, I put it on over the baby lips balm which helps it to give a nice sheen. The pink color is not too bright/neon and I love wearing it day to day, but I will say it’s a hard color to find – it took me five stores before I came across it but it’s so worth it!

Lipstick Queen
“The red anyone can wear” is what Lipstick Queen says about their staple red (called Medieval) and they are right! This lipstick formula is so soft and long lasting, I absolutely love every color that LQ makes and highly recommend them (even though the price tag is higher.)

Kelly & Katie Pill Case
Now I will say this, I don’t have this exact case (which I would be all over) but I have it in a navy blue with white polka dots. I found it at DSW and it is so great for holding my daily medicine and vitamins. It’s cute and the pill container holds many pills, more than I originally thought it would.

Travalo Pure Fragrance Atomizer
$12 ($10 for refills)
Perfumania sells this atomizer (and many other stores sell something similar), I love the quality of it and it holds about 60 spritzes per fill. I bought this one specifically because of the color (come on now, it’s gold. duh.) and also because any Perfumania store in the country will refill it with your choice of a perfume or cologne in their store for $10. I think that’s a great deal because I get to try all different perfumes without having to buy rollerballs or full size items (which average $15 or more).

These are just a few of my favorite items and I plan on definitely doing this more often and also giving makeup tips for your clients to use in shoots. What are some of your favorite products?

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