Real Life: Adoption Update

I just wanted to give a quick update on our adoption process; we originally decided to work with a private agency but after a while we came to some realizations about ourselves that have steered us away from the private agency. Let me say that there is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a newborn or older child from these agencies; it’s just that we didn’t feel that it was the best option for us.

It would be amazing if a child came to us “through the grapevine,” meaning that someone privately contacted us with an opportunity to adopt a child in need. But from the beginning, we’ve felt called to adopt from the Foster System and so we’ve refocused our energies into finding our child through there.

That means that we have some fundamental restructuring of our hearts, minds and home to complete in order to meet the requirements the state has set for Foster Parents, which we are totally okay with.  We decided to start getting all of the paperwork together for our home study, as well as getting CPR certified and attending the classes necessary to be considered “open and waiting.”

Our hope is that by November, we can submit all of our paperwork and completed classes and be green-lit by January 2015. There are over 12,000 children in the DFW Metroplex waiting to be matched so we hope that once we’re green-lit, it won’t be long before we can have a child with us. We’ve told our social worker that we are open to a sibling set, we’re open to any sex and we would definitely consider an older child so our hope is that it won’t take as long to match.

Again, it’s not much and although it kills us to purposely delay, we know that it’s the best decision in the long run. We would love to meet and speak with more people that are in the adoption process because we know this is a road that has many travelers! The support we’ve received from our friends has been so amazing and we need it to continue, so please keep us in your thoughts as we try to complete our dream of becoming parents. So introduce yourself in the comments!


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