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Jessica is one of the kindest people I know. She genuinely loves other people and you can’t help but feel loved when she’s around. She and Cody married yesterday, surrounded by their friends and family and the ceremony was stunning and really showed off the love that they have for each other. I consider myself so […]


March 2, 2015

Kendall is a lovely young woman who has her own photography business here in Dallas, Texas. She has a heart for Jesus, helping others and enjoying life to the fullest. We met for her headshot session on a chilly Friday afternoon and we had the best time walking around the Dallas Art Museum (well she […]


February 25, 2015

  There are cute couples, and there are sweet ones too but sometimes in your life, you come across couples that transcend cuteness and land squarely in the realm of “otherworldly”. That’s the perfect description of William and Rebecca. Rebecca and I met at Texas Tech University and bonded over our shared love for Doctor Who, Supernatural […]

William + Rebecca

February 23, 2015

William and Rebecca are some of the funniest, happiest and most down to earth people I know. They live their lives intensely and have so much love for each other. Over the Christmas holiday we did their engagement session and their elopement in the same week! Since William is in the Navy, they decided to […]

William + Rebecca

February 19, 2015

Kyle and Ashley met in their second grade class, became friends but when Ashley’s family moved across the state, they grew apart – remaining friends from a distance and enjoying their time in school. When they graduated high school and Ashley moved back to East Texas for college to study photography, they reconnected and love […]

Kyle + Ashley

February 18, 2015

Kevin and Taryn’s marriage was one that had been prayed for, patiently planned and meant the world to them and their friends and family. I’ve never seen so many people who were as excited for a couple to marry as I saw on their wedding day. They started dating in high school and they made […]

Kevin + Taryn

January 20, 2015

My first meeting with Dustin was not one of my proudest moments. It was actually during one of the worst and most infuriating days I had ever experienced, (or at least in a fit of teenage angst, I thought it was the worst day.) In order to make myself feel better, I stopped at a […]

Our Love Story

January 19, 2015

Brendan contacted me with his plan to propose to his girlfriend Megan before the holidays started and I literally couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. He planned out a wonderful walkthrough of the Dallas Arboretum holiday display, and they took a little detour to check out the Rose Garden. Megan was hopeful that he […]

Brendan + Megan

January 15, 2015

This year was incredible and I am so overjoyed at how it went, we experienced so much in our own family. We bought a house, furthered our adoption plans and grew together as a couple. We photographed so many marriages, families and births – it was amazing and I cannot wait to see how 2015 […]

2014 Favourites!

January 2, 2015