Elisabeth & Melinda | Baylor Senior Photos

When Elisabeth was a teenager, we would sit in her room (usually watching Supernatural) and talk about the future. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to go to school, what she wanted to study or who she would still call her friend. I was already a few years ahead of her and tried to offer as much advice as I could but really, I didn’t know those answers either. I  never thought that a short six years later from those days of sitting in her room, that I would be taking her Baylor Senior Photos as she graduates this summer with the Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with honors, of course).

Elisabeth (she usually goes by Beth but I call her by her given name) grew into a woman with a mission; to learn, love and live for God. To make something of her time on this Earth and I respect her so much for growing into her faith. She and Melinda, her roommate who is one of the kindest and funniest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a long time wanted to pay homage to their time at Baylor University so we walked around the school, capturing them as they are (which is usually laughing, joking and running around). Melinda is one of those women who you feel so comfortable around, she just gets you from the moment you meet her and you could never imagine not being friends.

I’m glad to see that one of my best friends has some of the best friends ever and I’m honoured to have taken these photographs.


Gear used in this session
Canon EOS 5D Mark III |  Canon 85 f1.2L | Canon 28 f/1.8

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