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A strong love for literature, music, family and each other – that’s the thing that I love about Chris and Amy. They formed a strong bond and life together and really pulled that bond into the details of their wedding. They married at Ashton Gardens and it was certainly a party to remember! So many […]

Chris + Amy

November 9, 2015

It would seem that easiest love is that of a couple that can laugh together through anything life throws their way, and that is exactly what it looks like when you see Oliver and Morgan together. These two are down for a good time and I just knew their wedding day would be the same […]

Oliver + Morgan

November 6, 2015

Meeting during University and falling in love is a tale that many of us have heard but the way that Alex and Shirley tell it, you’d think it was an exciting adventure – it’s painted so wonderfully that you just fall in love with their story as much as they love each other. Their wedding […]

Alex + Shirley

September 18, 2015

Childhood friendships usually fade over time; kids grow up, families move and interests change but sometimes they are lucky enough to be ones that last forever, I cherish the friendships from my childhood that have remained and those people are some of my favorite people on earth. But even luckier still, they can develop into […]

Kyle + Ashley

September 8, 2015

I cannot tell you how excited my sorority sisters and I have been for Jon and Jessica to get married, they’ve been together since they were pre-teens and have developed a great life together. They are both so easy going and their wedding reflected their “go with the flow” lifestyle so well! I was honoured […]

Jon + Jessica

September 1, 2015

Seaside weddings, loving family and friends and just about the funnest reception I’ve ever been to – this is what makes a wedding something to remember! Photographing Nick and Jessica’s wedding at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Aquarium at Stern’s Wharf in Santa Barbara was so surreal and exciting! They were welcoming and […]

Nick + Jessica

July 6, 2015

We adored spending the day with Kane and Brittany as they married at her Grandparent’s ranch estate outside of Waco, Texas. Even though there was so many stress factors leading up to their wedding, they trusted that it would all work out and here we are! Their wedding was a blast and their reception was […]

Kane + Brittany

June 15, 2015

Having been together for 9 years, the wedding of Blake and Clare was highly anticipated by everyone in attendance, but for the lovely couple, it was just an outwardly expression of the commitment they had made a long time ago. They were so relaxed, excited and went with the flow all day – witnessing two […]

Blake + Clare

June 8, 2015

Most couples would lose their cool when a sudden ice freeze over takes their wedding day plans, but Cody and Jessica kept their cool and rolled with the flow that day, something that you can believe I loved. Jessica kept telling me that as long as she married Cody and everyone they loved was safe, […]

Cody + Jessica

April 16, 2015